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Tax Services

DFK Fiduciaire du Moyen Orient provides practical, well-informed and relevant tax advice. You can rely on our international network of experts in all economic centers, with the support of local offices who advise on local laws and opportunities.


We offer sophisticated tax planning advice as well as standard services such as preparing, submitting tax returns and negotiating with tax authorities.

DFK Fiduciaire du Moyen Orient experts provide assistance during audit missions conducted by representatives of tax authorities. We prepare our clients for any eventual tax audit, by analyzing and reviewing documents in order to identify and eliminate sources of potential risk.

One of our major strengths is the strong relationships that we have built with local tax authorities since 1978. This experience enables us to provide the most reliable tax planning in the most efficient and professional manner. Our team of experts is seasoned in developing different strategies in order to reduce your tax burden in a legally compliant manner.

Individuals are subject to a number of taxes, including personal income tax and inheritance taxation. Our team of experts helps you optimize your tax position, and comply with all necessary reporting requirements to different tax authorities.

We also offer an extensive National Social Security Fund’s service that covers all your needs from applying for registration to preparing the required declaration and paying social security contributions.

The DFK global network of member firms has a worldwide coverage and the ability to assist you in matters relating to international and overseas tax policies. By comprehensively evaluating your existing level of tax compliance and methods for filing taxes, we can offer suggestions for developing a more efficient tax approach.

DFK Fiduciaire du Moyen Orient provides practical tax advice to our multinational clients because we understand their need to have a truly global solution.

Our services in this domain include Overseas Tax Obligations, Cross-border Tax Advice, International Real Estate Development and Foreign Tax Compliance.

Local and foreign investors have the option to establish a broad range of business structures including holding companies and offshore companies. Our company can provide consulting and other assistance regarding tax optimization, which would be held in accordance with the legislation.

We also offer assistance in the establishment of companies and aid in the filing of required legal paperwork and preparation of financial and accounting structures before you embark upon this journey.

Our specialized team can provide you assistance in filing the following declarations: income tax on profits, income tax on salaries and wages, tax on income from movable assets, values added tax (VAT), property tax and many other fiscal declarations.

By benefiting from our complete service you can secure peace of mind and let us effectively manage all your tax filings.

Transfer pricing is the pricing of goods, services, and intangibles between related parties. The goal of FMO’s transfer pricing network is to assist companies in aligning practical transfer pricing with their overall global business operations and objectives, and scrutinizing relevant documentation in order to enhance their practices, and resolve disputes and conflicts accordingly.

Our team of VAT experts can help you remain compliant with your indirect tax obligations. We deliver a service that reduces the complexity and administration burden that comes from managing a company in today’s business environment.

Our experts can assist in making your VAT processes more efficient and helpful in the identification of recoverable VAT across the markets in which you operate. They can liaise with local tax authorities to support claims or information requests in order to decrease the turnaround time for settlement.