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Meet Your Ultimate Version.

DFK Fiduciaire du Moyen-Orient is a member firm of DFK International, an association of global independent accounting firms and business advisors. Ranked in the Top 10 in its category, DFK International offices are located in over 93 countries with 220 member firms, amassing an extensive worldwide footprint.

Our Mission

“To help our customers to fully comply with required local and international standards while offering sound, innovative, pragmatic and effective advice that can steer their business towards the path of unmatched success.”

Our Vision

“DFK Fiduciaire du Moyen-Orient aspires to build long-lasting relation with its customers and to provide top-notch answers and solutions to all organizations and individuals.”

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What do we stand for

Personal Relationship

At DFK Fiduciaire du Moyen-Orient, we believe that a successful client-business association is mutually beneficial, meaningful, long-lasting and exhibits an alignment with the personal values of the client as well as the company.


Our tailor-made and customized solutions are designed by specialists and professionals in the field who have extensive industry knowledge and expertise to help you during the course of a challenging business journey.

Entrepreneurial Approach

Teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration are the lifelines of an organization because they help foster spirited relationships between employees, departments, and divisions by reiterating the message that ‘we are one’.


However, DFK Fiduciaire du Moyen-Orient believes in enhancing and developing the individual capabilities of employees as well by encouraging them to adopt an out-of-the-box approach by tackling problems and taking challenges head-on.


At DFK Fiduciaire du Moyen-Orient, we aim to conduct all our business deals with a high regard for integrity and upholding the commitment that we initially made to our customers. Our corporate actions are also strongly rooted in this vision.

Professional Knowledge

Extensive industry knowledge, unmatched expertise, and tested skills set our human capital assets apart and allow us to face any complex challenge. At DFK Fiduciaire du Moyen-Orient, our employees undergo extensive training and development in accordance with the standards proposed by our Human Capital Management Framework.